Creating a better dunkley

Enough is Enough.

Dunkley is the most incredible place that I have had the delight of living in, and I know you’d agree… But I also know that you would agree that something needs to change before Dunkley becomes more like a ghost town than the paradise that we all know it can truly be. Low wages, 40+ small business closures, and mental health decline at an all-time low, enough is enough. Spencer Porter is for the locals.

The Locals Inspired me to do this.

for the beautiful region of dunkley

Small business growth

Spencer Porter proudly runs his own small business on Wells Street Frankston, which should be one of the most populated streets in Dunkley, but it's NOT.

Small Businesses need help, Spencer cares, and always will.

better wages for the people of dunkley

Wages are at an all-time low, and so are the number of jobs available.
Dunkley should be a striving environment for all to grow and prosper. Spencer is working on this.

Improve the overall quality of life

Dunkley is our own little paradise. The quality of your life should match, right? Maybe it's time for a change in leadership... Do you deserve better?​

What People Have to Say

From people with impact


Owner of Lucky's Deli Frankston

Lucky has been in business for 35 years and has never seen Frankston and the region of Dunkley at the state in which it is at right now. Lucky was retired, as he deserved after 35 years and had to come back to save his business. Is this how we treat a man who has served the community with fresh produce for over 35 years? This needs to change, now.

Ian Bull

Anthony Thomas Mens Wear

Anthony Thomas Mens Wear has been in Frankston for over 25 years as a successful premium menswear store, but due to the current circumstances of Dunkley they're being forced to leave to another town that is thriving, small business owners should be flocking to Dunkley NOT running away. Small businesses will only be truly looked after by Spencer Porter.

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